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About Us

Aldercone Studio is a diverse group of folks adding our voices to video games and other artistic media!

We are an all-neurodivergent team and we embrace our unique perspectives. We hope to create games and other creative work for folks like ourselves to enjoy! We are working on video games, TTRPGs, music, visual art, a podcast, card games, and other creative works.


Aldercone Studio Website
Aldercone Studio games on
Aldercone Studio on Twitter

Current Projects

Finish the Damn Thing Jam, a five-part year long jam on! It'll be a safe space for BIPoC, queer, and neurodivergent folks to help/support them to get their project done! There will be prizes too

The QAKE Pod
(Queers Appraising and Killing Entertainment), a movie podcast where we humorously rate movies with heavy doses of social commentary.

a card-based dice-rolling dungeon crawler video game.

Community Spirit
a single player card game

Your Support

We offer no exclusives for supporters, but your donations aids our neurodivegent, chronically ill, and disabled household!