I'm getting ready for my (first) free challenge! I'm in LOVE! <3

CATCH! Offering your hand in online engagement.

A 5 Day Challenge for business owners looking for their purrfect people.

What can I buy from you?

Sign up with your email & get goodies. Clear your schedule for 1 hour a day, during the week of 18th July. It'll be amazing!

Why do I need it?

Because you're a solo or small business owner with awesome things to sell but not enough people know about or love your stuff. You don't get engagement or interest online. By the end of this challenge, you'll easily get the attention of your ideal people.

How much is it?

Free! But... heads up... My REAL pride & joy is Pounce, the membership. Price for that is £66/month & now includes a 3-month programme guiding you in-depth to nail ideal clients, regular content & news/press. The 5 Day Challenge gives you a taster of ME & how I am in Pounce... EVERY DAY!

Where do I get it:

Sign up herrrrrre: www.pouncepride.com/catch