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Hey thanks for writing the bit about UPower.conf on 8-18! I had been wondering why my Lenovo X1 running Fedora 31 just up and dies when it has a low battery, and now I know why. I tested out hibernate and made the changes following your article and now it works like a charm! Thank you for finally ending my frustration and restoring faith in Linux!

I’m happy to hear I was able to help with your problem. Thank you for your support!

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Love EdgeDeflector. I wish I'd known about it long ago.How stupid is it that I had to use it to redirect to the Canary Version of Edge rather than the default version?Just swapped to Brave, reminding me how much I love the little app when I had to do a bit of troubleshooting to get it working again.

Thank you for your support! I wish there wasn’t a need for it, but here we are. PS: Press Win+F and complain about links in Windows that don’t work as expected.

Lawrence Griffiths
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Thanks for sharing your FreeStyle Libre v2 experiences.  I note what you say about the lack of security/privacy v2 sending BT advertising details. Are the glucose readings sent in plain text? or encrypted as it appears you don't  BT pair v2 & iphone app wonder of  keys exchanged via NF when app first links to sensor?

Thanks for your support! The pairing happens over NFC, yes. The Sensor protocol is encrypted. It’s the broadcasting of a persistent ID that can be used to track you that’s the most concerning aspect. You can chose to not wear your headphones and smartwatch to the store if you don’t want to be tracked, but that’s too big of an ask for a life-preserving/extending device like the FSL. Thanks again!

tim richardson
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great article on Upower.

I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for your support!

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Thanks for introducing me to Onion-Location

Thanks for your support!