Putin may attack a NATO base to prevent the supply of weapons to Ukraine: Britain has announced a forecast. The Kremlin’s goal is to cut off the flow of weapons to the Ukrainian army in any way. Peter Ricketts, the British government’s first national security advisor, is convinced of this.

Former British security chief Ricketts believes that Putin is desperate to stop Western military aid to Ukraine. It is so important for the Kremlin to cut off existing flows that it may decide to attack a NATO base or attack aircraft or convoys delivering weapons to Ukraine.

He also noted Putin’s painful desire to frighten the world, which could eventually lead to the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. But such an escalation will only exacerbate Russia’s complete isolation from the world.

Rickett suggested that Russia would try to hold on to Ukraine’s territory. And Ukraine will never agree to fulfill the requirements of Moscow and will not give up its territories and citizens. This will lead the situation to a stalemate, the outcome of which could take a considerable period of time.

I urge all of you to support Ukraine! Any word you say or a post in social networks will show your position in this situation! And your vote on this situation will strengthen the cry of all Ukrainians who want peace above their heads!