Speeduino based on a Teensy board (CANBus) is going to be supported. I had a beta tester run some code to pull data (see pic) and dump it to the screen to make sure I was getting the right data and calculating it correctly. Looks like we're good. I'll write the rest of the code to pull more data.

The config screen will be updated to show the following ECUs:

Megasquirt 3
Speeduino Serial
Speeduino CANBus
Speedy EFI

I will add more EFI systems but am going to hold off while I pick up a 3D printer and also take a look at other displays (SPI based) and layout designs using LVGL and other graphics libraries. I like Nextion displays but am wanting to see what all the hubbub is about with these other types of displays.

I'm thinking the ESP32 based Digital EFI Dash will the the one with a case and all that fancy stuff.