Official Product Name

NexGenEFI Digital Dash is the official name. The logo isnt official yet. Still making changes to it. So far this is iteration 3.

The Roadmap

There will be two versions of the NexGenEFI Digital Dash. Version 1 is the Community Edition (free software) and Version 2 is the Pro Edition which I will market. I haven't figured out a price but looking at the market, it'll be VERY competitive being that I do not rely on this as income.

Community Edition

This is the DIY version. You buy the modules and the hardware, assemble yourself, upload my binary and go to town. This version will ONLY support MegaSquirt 3, Speeduino Serial/CANBus, SpeedyEFI, OBD2.

Arduino Mega - what you see now is running on an Arduino Mega. There will be no further ECUs added to the Mega or other types of big features. I am going to be dropping support for the Mega to concentrate on the ESP32.

ESP32 - This version will be exactly the same as the Mega version but will have OTA updates for the ESP32. New layouts will be created for this but they will differ from the Pro Edition. This version will also have an odometer/trip meter. This version is only available for individuals who donate via BuyMeACoffee.

Pro Edition

This is the version I will be selling with a custom PCB (already being designed, modules ordered for the first prototype), various displays, LED lights for shift lights, high quality layouts, custom case. This will get the most features and more ECUs will be supported. ECUs will include the same from the Community Edition but include others like Holley EFI, Motec, Haltech, FiTech, etc.

There are MORE features that I will add but I really need to finish the Mega version and then do the big code sync to bring the ESP32 version up-to-date. I can do muuuuccchhh more with the ESP32.

Pro Edition Layouts

This will have a completely different set of layouts than the Community Edition, all higher quality than what competitors sell for over $1200+. Diesel truck layouts are coming also which I'll beta test on my Duramax.


You will have a choice between 7", 10" and dual 7"/10" displays. Currently I only have layouts for the 7" display but have already tested dual 7" displays and it works fine. On the way is a 10" display so I'll need to have a layout designed for it.

How long will this take

Well, I do have a real job actually so I do most of my coding at night or on the weekend. One thing that has been slowing me down is managing the Mega and ESP32 versions. I am just about done with the Mega version. I'm expecting to wrap up / finalize the Mega version by EOM March 2023 then it will no longer receive updates. Only bug fixes for about 6 months then its phased out.

Currently the Mega version has one bug that needs fixing and its minor. I'm fixing to address that. After that the Meen Green layout, Paul's User Defined Layout and Night on the Town layout will be integrated into the .TFT file and all pushed out the door.

Status of layout integration:

Meen Green - 50% complete with layout integration on the display, 0% in code
Night on the Town - 100% complete with layout integration on the display, 100% in code (needs testing)
Paul's User Defined layout - 100% complete with layout integration on the display but needs revisiting. Working with Paul on the changes. 100% done with code, but I need to test it.

Where can I keep up with this stuff?

The latest news is always the Official NexGenEFI Digital Dash Facebook page:

The official FB page is fluid. Sometimes its about the dash, sometimes its about different programming techniques.