Been working on this alot in the evenings and weekends. Tons of progress made. I will update the website, links and docs this week.

Speeduino has been tested and the dash can pull data without issue. Early on I was getting SOME data, but others I wasnt. That was addressed.

If you follow the Official FB page, you'll know I was having some lag issues with GPS. Progress looks good enough to where I'll push out a new release of the binary so this can be utilized. Also on the "daily driver" layout, there is another option to display SATellite and SPD. Those are how many satellites acquired and the speed reported by GPS.

User Defined Layouts
On the Offical FB Page I'm working towards creating a User Defined layout to where you can create your own using the Nextion Editor. On the Official FB Page there are tutorials on how to create your own Layout.

Built-in Layouts
Creating a "DATA" layout that gives a graph and some visuals. End goal is to be able to play this back.