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Wellness is in the Body and Health in th ...

Wellness is in the Body and Health in the Mind #002

Jan 30, 2022

We often think of wellness as psychological and limit psychology to our brains, and health we limit to our bodies. This doesn’t reflect what we actually know about wellness and health, by studying the latest scientific research. What we know confirms what the ancient traditional medicinal systems all seem to know. They knew what we know now and that is that you can’t separate body and mind. Our mental wellbeing is an expression of our bodily health, and our psychological health changes the way that our bodies’ work. Just look up psycho-immuno-neurological-endocrinology. Yes it is a mouthful! 

You can’t separate body and mind and for the entrepreneurial journey the more integrated our Wellness & Health supporting regime, the better able we are to prepare, recover and heal ourselves on the journey. Wear and tear is part of the entrepreneurial journey and understanding how to recover from this is essential to keeping well on the journey. Health and Wellness are really just different faces of the same coin and I expect that as we get further along the journey you will have seen this wisdom repeated in so many ways in your everyday life that you will laugh at having believed otherwise.

Our determination and will, our balanced mindset and stamina all come from deep within our bodies and any seasoned entrepreneur knows how essential these are to entrepreneurial success. In Libido and the Entrepreneurial Journey #001 we spoke about libido as that vital creative energy which enables you to be creative, eager, full of desire and loving what you do. Yes I am saying that this libido comes from deep within our bodies and minds and reflects quite accurately where our wellness and health are!

In building antifragile wellness and health attitudes and preparedness we need to keep this in mind.

Net Positivity & Antifragility

These are two concepts essential and embedded in the way that I work.

Net Positivity is the wise leveraging of our enterprise and interactions to maximise the outcomes. A Net Positive attitude wants to bring more benefits to the outcomes than is apparent at the inputs. For this we leverage our activities and more importantly our attitude. Our Wellness and Health journey can be wisely leveraged to improve our business, our relationships, the lives of our employees and the communities of which we are part. Exploring how we do this is part of what motivated me to write this newsletter. In this I am here to share and to learn from your experiences and I would like to share them with the audience if you wish.

Antifragility is the attitude that ensures that we grow stronger, more flexible and resilient from our experiences. We don’t break we get better and more adaptable from our experiences. Prof. Nassim Taleb’s, book on antifragility is a great read and applying antifragile strategies to entrepreneurial wellness and health, is something you can expect from this journey.

Wishing you well!

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