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Hi There, My name is Alex, and I enjoy applying Data Science to everyday activities. Recently I have started expanding this interest to create dashboards and other tools to help you learn more about the games we play.

Fantasy Football

Everyone loves Fantasy Football, but it can be hard to know how good you are at it and what you need to do to win your league every year. I am using data science to quantify these things including:

FF League Comparison: A web app to directly compare how different roster and scoring settings change the value of different positions and players. Available at: FF League Comparison (

Fantasy League Report: a fantasy league website where you can see your league's history, head-to-head comparison between you and other managers, weekly recaps, and power rankings about how well you managed your team in a given week and compared to your friends in your league. Available at:

I also write about how to use data to play the game of fantasy football better, which you can read here

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is one of the most popular board games available. One popular place to play the game is I have developed a web app to allow users to download statistics about their colonist games, opening up the opportunity for anyone to apply data science to their game with minimal effort:

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