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About me

Hi everyone! I m working hard towards one goal: bringing Martial Arts & Combat Sports online classes accessible to all. Thanks in advance for the support, much appreciated.

About Combat Masterclass

This is a passion project and I hope soon to make a living only with this. So far I did everything myself. Get an introduction to the Martial Art or Combat Sport of your choice with online classes.

About the method

Everyone should have access to real Martial Arts knowledge. Structured lessons based on a 10 minutes/day structure, for 30 days, that's a total of 5 hours/month.

About buying me a pizza

As I have already mentioned, Combat Masterclass is a passion project. In order to sell videos I must first find instructors who agree to participate in this journey. Pizza is what we usually have while I pitch them the concept. So yeah, you literally contribute in making the whole process easier with your support ;)