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V0.9 MAJOR Update

Nov 24, 2021

Download link will be posted shortly in new post.

  • added IMSA racecar variant

  • completely redone analog and digital climate controls

  • added accurate sexy normals to unibody

  • added working front and rear shocks to hold up trunk or hood

  • added the 1985 CIBIE rally car variant

  • added a rear spoiler, and fixed side wings to body colored spoilers

  • Added 2+2 bodystyle

  • edited door panel gaps and added doorsills and door strikers

  • NAs realistically have 50.5/49.5 Distribution, Turbo is 51/49 and 2+2 is 52/48 due to wheelbase

  • Edited a lot of weights, turns out the engine was 700 POUNDS before.

  • edited rear swaybar to more accurate points, as the swaybars had 2x leverage

  • with all this in mind, the Z now handles completely different and more accurately than before. The car behaves slightly more predictably

  • added Initial D's tofu delivery car skin and config

  • added retarded and advanced camshaft slots

  • textured undercoat with grime

  • added headlight louvers

  • added drag variant similar to satanZ31's build

  • redone front Z badge

  • added screws to all aftermarket fenders

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