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V1.0 Final Update (Free)

V1.0 Final Update (Free)

Apr 20, 2022

A long time has passed since I started this mod, and today I am releasing what should be a pretty complete mod. I am releasing it for free this time for all to use, Feel free to message me about any bugs there may be, and I will get to squishing them. Cashapp: $UlyssesG35



  • Added RB20DET

  • Added 200ZR Config with the new engine

  • Added 353 Engine swap and compatible hoods to fit the intake.

  • Changed SatanZ31's engine from VG to 353 Super Thrust.

  • Remade the rear suspension using the ETK's trailing arms, which should make the handling much better.

  • Added Pantera hatch.

  • Added Louvers for rear and quarter windows.

  • Added new bumper.

  • There may be more changes but I have forgotten along the way with this update. Enjoy!

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