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Commissions (Sun/Moon/Reader OR Sans/Rea ...

Commissions (Sun/Moon/Reader OR Sans/Reader/AUs)

Oct 23, 2022

Step 1. Shoot me an email at [email protected] about your plot ideas, specific requests, and story information you want to see come to life in writing. Once you pay, your story WILL be written and can be edited at your request! No scams, I do NOT tolerate scams on either side, not you, nor me.

Step 2. Prices

(one chapter) 2,000 words Oneshot: 5$

(two chapters) 4,000 words Twoshot: 10$ (OR if this is a continuation request of the Oneshot you bought before, only pay another 5$!)

Over 5,000 words: 15$ and up.

Step 3: Pay AFTER emailing me and talking to me about your ideas, after I confirm that yes I will write your request. I will write half of what you ask for, THEN you pay after I show you the progress, THEN I finish it and show you the rest. Simple enough right?

Step 4. You may either ask to keep the story just to yourself, OR (with your permission) I can post it for others to see on my AO3 account

Step 5. Chat with me anytime! Don't be a stranger :D just plain ole donations are cool too! I never say no to more incentive XD

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