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May 28, 2021

Saturn in Aquarius has made us hyper aware of the inequities in the world. This hurts us in many different ways but as a teacher, I know that there are children who do not have what they need to continue their learning. Yesterday on my long meditative walk to my favourite lockdown getaway, I decided I am going to stop pouting about not being able to return to the classroom (even though I made the transition to full-time astrologer, I'm still mourning the continued loss of my teaching career during the Pandemic). One of the things I miss most about teaching was being able to do good deeds by purchasing supplies for pupils who couldn't afford them: pens, pencils, colouring implements, books, sanitary products, healthy snacks, prizes for good work etc etc etc. We all know that child who needs a little perk of kindness. BUT I discovered a way to continue doing little things to brighten a sad child's day that is a little easier on my wallet: the Buy Me a Coffee site ( If you'd like to help me continue supporting children, I'd be so honoured if you'd trust me to make sure the right stuff makes it to the people who need it by buying me a coffee. I hate coffee but I'll use your donation to continue to build Astrology in Education and keep giving those little things that can make such a big difference to children. If you know of any teachers who need a little perk (trust me, they all need one!), you can also use this site to buy them something to remind them of how much they are appreciated! Thank you to Sophie who became my first supporter and thank you to those 8 gorgeous cygnets who evoked memories of Saraswati!

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