5 Oct is the lovely Kate Winslet's birthday. In "Iris" (2001) she played the young, rebellious, free-spirited, non-conforming, skinny dipping author Iris Murdoch. Kate has Venus at 0 Virgo opposite to Iris's Uranus at 1 Pisces. Kate was nominatedfor Best Supporting Actress at the 74th Academy Awards. Coincidence or Astrology? "Mirror Mirror" contains over 100 films with about 1,000 more of these "coincidences". I'm delighted to hear friends on the West Coast are receiving their copies and that for my Australian friends, the wait won't be too long before you receive yours. Londoners!! I'll be popping into the Astrology Shop and Watkins to drop off some signed copies very soon! You can order your copy online too at https://bit.ly/3D0gmzq Thank you for supporting this mega astrology project!