I often enjoy throwing the fundamentals of photography out the window–– exploring the abstract and obscure corners of my mind.

As I was walking my dog this morning I noticed a murder of crows fighting, chasing, falling–– what almost looked like a dance. It wasn't quite like anything I'd seen before. While I'm not religious, I can be spiritual. The corner of I Don't Know is where I peacefully rest my head every night. Watching these crows put my train of thought into the inevitability of death and the seeming impossibility of life.

Crows–– the mediator between life and death.

Aalihte–– the wisest birds and the spirits of the dead linger with them.

Badb–– the voice of divinity.

Bran–– the bridge to the Cauldron of Regeneration.

Now I’ve got the urge to read some Edgar Allen Poe. I’ll go watch the Broncos win first;)

Happy Sunday––