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Sharing my first feminism article felt terrifying. Since last October, I've published over 13 stories on my repressed femininity realizations.

Books that inspired me:

  • "Cassandra Speaks" by Elizabeth Lesser

  • "Addiction to Perfection" by Marion Woodman

  • "Circle of Stones" by Judith Duerk

  • "The Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola

  • "Amor and Psyche: The Psychic Development of the Feminine" by Erich Neumann

  • "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron

My feminism articles (reverse chronological order):

Publications that published my work:

  • "An Injustice"

  • "The Ascent"

  • "The Virago"

  • "Fearless She Wrote"

Other Supporters:

  • My fantastic Jungian depth therapist

  • My wonderful abuse survivor life coach

These women patiently support me in my journey to authenticity and wholeness.