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I'm off travelling again

May 05, 2022

Thank you to everybody for their support by purchasing me a coffee or two! It's nice to know that my work and efforts are appreciated by others in the form of a coffee. It's always good to stop off somewhere in a delightful café or restaurant, enjoy the atmosphere and thank the person for their kindness in purchasing me a coffee personally.

I will shortly be embarking upon the first of many travels this year to places outside of the UK, assuming of course that my passport works, my covid passport is valid, my flight isn't cancelled, I don't spend hours queueing for check in and all the other hurdles facing travelling at this time.

Where am I going you ask? Well that is a secret for now and all the videos will start to be shown towards the begining of July. If I haven't thanked you for purchasing me a coffee in a video yet, it's probably because I'm saving your support until I travel and enjoy some tasty refreshment whilst out and about in the sunshine. Does the word sunshine offer a clue as to where I'm going?

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