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Hello and welcome 👋  this is Krista from I offer my light as a Writer, Holistic Embodiment Coach + Joyful Living Educator.

My work is for the freedom-seeker, truth-teller, stubborn questioner, anxious, highly sensitive, non-hustler, or brave + weary human ready to befriend yourself and exchange judgment for curiosity, shame for self-compassion, and fear for agency.

I choose to keep my work add-free so that it's a calmer and more enjoyable experience for you. As a highly sensitive human, my nervous system appreciates and I feel most at home in uncluttered and calm (albiet creative) spaces.

From the beginning of A Life in Progress, readers have asked for a way to support my writing. If my words offer you hope, encouragement + strength to show up fully to your messy and beautiful life in every season, you can buy me a coffee to say thanks + support my ongoing work.

I'm grateful you're here,

Krista xo

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