In this tutorial, we will study Free and Best Plagiarism Checker, Sources of Plagiarism and you can get the details of free plagiarism tools available on the internet.

Free Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checkers tools are the need of the hour, with day to day increasing online content the role of a plagiarism checker becomes too significant. Plagiarism tools allow you to check whether the content is 100% authentic and original or has been copied from somewhere else. It doesn't matter whether you run a digital marketing agency or a website, the authenticity of content is quite imperative for you and your business.

Sometimes intentionally or unintentionally we do copy content from other websites or sources. Not only does this copying reduce the overall SEO score but also our chances of ranking high in Google organic search. In the worst-case scenario, your content can get banned from the internet. The primary objective of a plagiarism checker is to dodge duplicate content or ideas at all costs. The plagiarism checker is an important tool to get a detailed report of the uniqueness of your article or content.

  1. If any academic institution found that there is Plagiarism in your report then you will be penalized. You might get expelled from that institution.

  2. Google might strike down your website because of plagiarized content.

  3. Plagiarism can cause serious legal action and penalties. And you could be expelled from that institution.

For students, plagiarism checkers are a great tool to cross-check their scientific or general articles, Because small amounts of plagiarism can destroy the credibility of their whole paper.’ So, it is easy and safe to cross-check plagiarism content. The plagiarism checker also indicates the lines and paragraphs which are plagiarized and this tells you which part you should remove or omit from your article. There are many features of a plagiarism checker.

Sources of Plagiarism - There are four major types of Plagiarisms, such as

  1. Direct Plagiarism

  2. Self-plagiarism

  3. Accidental Plagiarism

  4. Mosaic Plagiarism

Direct plagiarism is that plagiarism in which one copies word-to-word content from another person's article or research. This type of Plagiarism is highly unethical and unprofessional. This would lead to an absolute loss of credibility in eyes of others. Copying other’s work without permission is pure cheating.

Mosaic plagiarism is that plagiarism when someone copies smaller parts of contents such as idioms, phrases, examples without giving due credit.

Accidental Plagiarism is when someone mistakenly copied content from another person's work and forgot to give due credit. This type of Plagiarism doesn't hold any demeaning intention.

Self-plagiarism is defined as resubmitting your work. It means that citing the same information twice or more than one time. It occurs by mistakes, and one should crosscheck his work, to avoid that kind of plagiarism.

There are a plethora of free plagiarism tools available on the internet such as

  1. Dupli checker

  2. Paper eater

  3. Copy leaks

  4. Grammarly

  5. Quetext

  6. Plagiarism hunt

  7. Plagtracker

  8. Viper

  9. Plagiarism checker


This free tool is one of the best plagiarism tools on the internet right now. With great features and a wonderful user interface, they provide a reliable plagiarism report. You can use this tool online. Not just the plagiarism report but this tool also provides suggestions for grammatical errors, which makes it quite beneficial. The layout of this tool is pretty straightforward and you won't face any problem in operating this tool checker. But it also has some flaws such as it detects well when the text is made up of seven or more than seven words but it lags a lot when the word count is smaller. Which is a pretty small disadvantage.

One significant flaw in this tool is that - If you are a free user then you can only scan fifty plagiarism checks per day. If you want to scan more than fifty checks then you have to pay for it and you have to buy their premium plan. You can either copy/paste your content in a tool or you can also upload docs or a text file from your device storage.


This amazing plagiarism tool does three tasks

  1. Vocabulary building

  2. Plagiarism checker

  3. Proofreading and grammar check

This tool helps you in finding synonym recommendations for words and it can detect plagiarism quickly. This tool is well known for its quick and accurate results. This tool is claimed to be created by industry experts. But it also has a certain disadvantage and it is you can not store the reports. You have to take a screenshot or picture of the report for that purpose.


This plagiarism tool is specifically for academic content such as scientific articles and project reports.

Many schools and universities use this tool for checking content. This tool can be assessed in many languages and forms. This tool allows users to utilize the API tool in order to explore and find the plagiarized academic content available on the internet. You can use this tool free but only for 10 pages and for that you need to sign up to create an account. Their premium pack starts with an annual bill of $9.99.


The Grammarly tool is very popular all over the world. It provides synonyms, rectifies grammatical errors and sentence structure according to our preferences. It also provides a plagiarism checker facility. This app provides spelling correction precisely and It also helps in improvising punctuations and the structure of a sentence correctly. It also offers a free and a premium version. You can detect plagiarism on both free and paid versions. Many users have recommended that the Chrome extension should be improvised a bit and The plagiarism reports are not accurate many times. The customization feature is the best part of the Grammarly tool. Where you can customize suggestions based on your writing style, preferences, moods, etc.

Another major concern of users is that- Grammarly is not field-specific. There are a lot of false alerts in the name of recommendations that should be stopped immediately.

Plagiarism checker

As the name suggests the plagiarism checker helps in monitoring plagiarism efficiently. This plagiarism checker tool is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. This tool is entirely free and has very detailed guidelines. This tool has a step-by-step approach to check plagiarism. For students, this app is very beneficial because of its easy user interface, and they don't have to pay anything. You can use this tool on the internet only, it doesn't work offline. It has a serious disadvantage: it only works in google or yahoo browsers. You have to use these two browsers in order to use them freely.


Viper has an easy-to-use interface with precise and detailed reporting techniques. It requires just three steps in order to analyze your article and create a report. It checks plagiarism against ten billion documents available on the internet. With viper, you can scan long essays, paragraphs, journals pretty conveniently.

The report of viper describes the lines and sentences where plagiarism is found. For using Viper you need to have an account, without an account, you cannot use this tool.


This free plagiarism tool is used by Students, teachers, publishers, and website owners all over the world. The detailed report is the USP of plagTracker. It can support over six international languages. These languages are English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, and Italian.

In the free version, you simply can not upload a DOCX file. You can just copy and paste the content on this tool.

Plagiarism hunt

The free Plagiarism tool is an online tool that helps you to check different types of Plagiarism with only one click. You don't have to complete any registration process in order to use this tool. Plagiarism hunt will encrypt all the data and also delete it after a period of 24 hours.

This tool is relatively slower than compared to all other tools, this is a disadvantage All the previous reports get deleted after 24 hours automatically


This plagiarism tool is one of the most trusted and accurate free plagiarism checkers available on the internet. It can scan minute details quite precisely and instantly. You can trust the plagiarism report of context completely. This tool is used by students, teachers, and professionals around the globe. Quetext plagiarism checker can scan millions of websites, books, and academic articles precisely to assess an article or a research paper and provides the plagiarism score in a decipherable manner Quetext comes with a fundamental and easy to understand layout and user interface, you do not need any kind of Facebook, Gmail registration or sign up in order to use it.

Quetext is available in both paid & free versions. In the paid version a user has to buy a premium of Quetext for 9 dollars per month. The free version is only limited to three times usage. It also has a 500-word limit bar for the free version. From my personal experience the free version of Quetext is pretty good and precise for a smaller text count (<500). The free version of Quetext is as accurate as some of the premium versions of other tools

These are some of the best free plagiarism checker tools.

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