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An Alice in Dystopia prequel story

By Alina Giuchici

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Mircalla was speeding down the road. Since most of humanity was eradicated she felt a new type of freedom. The bike was fast, and she was powered by the thirst for blood.

The sky was grey, and the small dying sun tried really hard, only absolutely in vain. There was no warmth to gain from the small spot of light.

Smoke was rising up in the distance. Cities burned. Humans burned.

It was the time of darkness, the end of the world came and was over already.

Mircalla was riding her bike faster and faster. The rain started to hit her leather outfit. Skintight trousers and a jacket clinging to her curvy athletic body.

She was not afraid, quite the contrary, she was the thing that made others shiver.

Cold was not a problem for her, only she never liked rain, especially this version of acid rain mixed with ashes. It made her dirty, and this was not her type of dirty.

The clouded sky pushed the illusion of sunshine away. The grey in grey feeling found a way under her skin.

She was too far away from her destination. Sure, she had the energy to face the rain, acid would stain her only temporarily and then her skin would regenerate but why bother.

The sign on her right advertised a Motel and gas station in 2 miles. Why pass on a dry bed? The people she had to kill would be there tomorrow.

There was no need for her to rush.

Her bike was the only noise around. Other cars were abandoned on the side of the road, some crashed and burned, others just out of gas or victims of the EMP.

The motel was looking good. It was not burned down or looted. Even the windows looked clean.

Mircalla pushed her mental tentacles towards the motel. It was an old family owned business that never got updated.

There was an energy that felt half way familiar to her. Like a scent you recall, a memory in the back of your head that you can’t really place.

There were no other supernaturals, just Mircalla and whomever that was.

Should she risk it? After the last fight Mircalla felt a little bit weak. Her father sent the repo demons to get her and bring her back. He was not agreeing with her decision to stay in this dimension any longer.

After all these centuries her father still didn’t understand anything.

Only the fight drained her of energy. Mircalla was strong, but on the verge of crashing and a fight with another immortal could be the last drop that makes her lose the ability to shield herself.

“Here goes nothing.” Mircalla said.

Grabbing her crowbar, Mircalla stepped forward. She had a taste for more elegant weapons but beggars can’t be choosers.

There was no 7-11 offering Katanas and her last one fell into one of the cracks that lead to the Underworld.

The door was connected to a bell, and the bell rang.

As soon as Mircalla entered she was hit by a wave of delightful sexual energy and hot pheromones, whatever happened here, she liked it.

One step after the other, Mircalla climbed a set of stairs towards the first floor.

A door was open on the left. Two beautiful women kissed, absolutely indifferent to everything around them.

Mircalla cleared her throat. She enjoyed the energy, but this was weird. The females were human, and she was still detecting a supernatural presence.

“Hello?” uttered Mircalla, in an attempt to make her presence known.

The girls were so into each other they didn’t hear her.

On the bed, entwined they kissed, and moaned. The redhead started kissing the neck of the blonde, one hand cupping her generous soft looking breasts.

Mircalla was a sexual omnivorous, and those two looked just so delightfully inviting.

Still, something was wrong. They looked as if they were under some kind of spell.

“They are!” The voice came from behind her, it was a thick voice that sent shivers of pleasure all over her back.

The voice of a Baku demon, a demon that could create lust.

Mircalla turned slowly, her crowbar forgotten on the floor.

A smile spread all over her face. She faced a muscular looking woman wearing a chest armour.

Her wide shoulders would have been considered impressive for a male, as a female she was bulky, still not ugly.

Her nose was looking rather feline and the long horns on her head gave her a wild appearance as they were rising from a full head of wild untamed red hair, decorated with bones, feathers and jewellery.

The Baku demon had legs that ended in cat-like paws.

Mircalla closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.

“Ara?? Is that you??”

Ara kneeled in front of her.

“Princess Mircalla, please forgive me, I didn’t know it was you.”

With a snap of her fingers, she made the girls stop kissing and touching.

“I am no princess anymore. Didn’t you know that? And by the way, can we watch the show, I was rather enjoying myself.”

Ara stood up, leaning closer to Mircalla. “I would do anything for you!”


Mircalla missed contact, all the fights, and the running drained her. Ara was a demon, and being close to her worked as a battery.

Mircalla leaned her head back. “Call me Camy, the way you did that night in the hot tub.”

Ara didn’t need another invitation.

With a snap of her fingers, she allowed the two girls to enjoy each other again. Her lips found Mircalla and she pushed her towards the wall, pressing her aroused genitals against her.

Baku monsters could be male or female, depending on the mood of her partner and Ara felt that Mircalla wanted her as male, there were two girls to play with.

Ara kissed Mircalla wildly and passionately. Mircalla wrapped her legs around the Baku demon.

Grabbing her by her thin waist, Ara lifted Mircalla up and took her to bed. The girls started undressing her, first her jacket, then her pants, and last her wet tank top.

Mircalla lay on the bed, naked. Her deep red skin in contrast to her long pale blonde hair. Her yellow eyes sparkling with lust as she touched and played with the soft large breasts of the blonde girl.

The redhead was spooning Mircalla and her fingers worked inside her wet pulsing core. Bringing soft moans of joy to her lips.

Mircalla kept kissing and sucking the breasts of the blonde and her thigh slipped between the girls, allowing her to ride her leg slowly.

Ara was fucking the redhead, but Mircalla threw her a look.

Her shiny golden eyes are full of desire for the strong muscular Baku demon.

“It's my turn.” she purred.

Ara left the girl and slipped her aroused hard manhood into the hot silky slippery center of Mircalla.

“Oh, Camy!” moans of passion slipped from the demon’s lips.

After hours of play, Mircalla lay there, satiated and blissfully exhausted.