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Hi there,

If you are here, chances are, through some mysterious sequence of internet pages you end up on my blog. Maybe you found one of the articles in one of the groups, clicked on a picture on my FB page, or found one of the many other bread crumb traces that I try to leave when I engage with the world. Well, I am glad you are here.

My name is Aliona, I am a Ukrainian-American photographer living in San Francisco. Most of the work I produce for a gallery that I am a member of: but I also do a lot of commission work and sell some of my stuff on the internet.

If I have to summarize my practice in a few words, it's all about the empathetic representation of complex emotions. Living with bipolar disorder I get my fair share of those, but also like to help people work through theirs, be it through performing some of your weirdest dreams in front of my camera or simply talking about your take on the photos on my FB page:

A long time ago I used to teach photography, and that's how my blog came about. But it turned out, that was just a phase for me, and in some time I needed maximum time with the camera again to explore and grow beyond what I knew. I took on a kind of generalistic approach making my own props, learning makeup, and adding elements of drawing and painting in post-production. The goal was to be able (in time) to take the creative Universe in my head and element by element recreate it in real life (like Tolkien once did). On my way, I learned a lot of curious things, and what I learned I tried to share with other creators. This is the current function of the blog.

That said, thank you very much to those who decided to support it or buy me a coffee as a compliment perhaps. We all know our time is limited, and the more support I have here, the more time to bring my ideas to life, and maybe inspire you to do the same. 

In any case, I hope you will create something today, or at least do something weird and fun :)
Good luck!