I can't have been a month post-op when I wrote this blog. Reading it back now, 5 years later, I have to have a bit of a giggle - I was so naive as to what was coming next!

Sorry Food, it’s not you, it’s me. I just don’t care about you anymore. I want to, but … yeah, nah.

Me and Food, our relationship has changed drastically. Pre surgery (even pre surgery diet), I used to think about food ALL THE TIME.

Now its him who asks if I am hungry (No) and what time I want to have dinner (oh, in a bit). Still, Mom and I have gone to a wee bit of effort to ensure that I have something nice and tasty for when I am ready to eat.

When I met my dietician Georgie in our pre-surgery meeting, she (and the notes in my post-op care pack) say that people experience a switching off when it comes to eating. I read that and thought “Shit, thats pretty cool” cos honestly, I said above that I thought about food all the time and believe me, I was not kidding!

Georgie has given me a plan that saw me started pureed foods once I was released from hospital. On the day I got home Mom made up a delicious Beef Casserole and then a few days later she made a Chicken and Vegetable soup. We pumped up the protein in the soup by adding Naked (No flavour) egg white protein powder from The Honest Food Co. Both of these meals are absolutely scrummy.

Meals right now are every 3-5 hours and are 4 teaspoons or 1/4 cup in size.
As a totally personal preference, I really don’t want to rely on packet/processed food. I’d much prefer to eat whole foods except the addition of extra protein of course however even then the Honest Food Co pack that I have chosen is paleo. Eventually I will get in to making my own baked beans and I’ve planted a vegetable garden that should keep giving us all the vegetables that we will need.
Grow, grow, grow you little buggers!

So in 2021, what's the Real Deal?

Five years later, I know when I want to have dinner, I definitely get hunger queues and I 100% eat out of a packet sometimes. I think of these old posts as more of my Good Intentions posts now ... I was trying to set myself up to really bed in those healthy habits and make the most of my Honeymoon Period.

And my vegetable garden ... well ... it's a sometimes thing. Sometimes its overgrown and we eat frozen vegetables.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with setting intentions like this in the early days. I see this as a really good thing!!! It's almost a goal setting exercise. Remember that the Honeymoon period doesn't last all that long and we should do whatever we can to maximise it and utilise it - it's really the best chance we have to put in place the structure and tools for our WLS Success Habits; personal accountability, portion control, nutrition, fluid intake, regular exercise, vitamins and supplements.

Todays lesson: make the most of what you have for as long as you have it!