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I'm Allie K. Campbell, where the “K” stands for Killing the Digital Coworking Game 😜 I'm a 30-something, queer Libra Sun, Gem Rising, Cap Moon (we don’t like to talk about that one ) living in Jersey City. I’m on a quest to create entertaining + educational content & host live coworking spaces for my fellow ADHD/neurodivergent baddies.

If you’re here, you might have stumbled upon one of my live ADHD coworking sessions on TikTok, by having my face interrupt your doom scroll. Don’t blame me; blame your FYP. Or perhaps you’ve seen me shit-posting about queerness, ADHD, and my inability to have a successful romantic relationship on Instagram.

Or maybe you’re an OG supporter and have been with me since the early days of my internet bullshit on YouTube, back when Young, Dumb & Sober was still a thing (pour a non-alcoholic one out for the homies 🥲 ). In the slight chance that’s you, call me immediately. I’d like to talk strategies about staying committed to me so I can pass it on to the next person I date 😬

No matter who or how the fuck you got here, I’m GLAD you’re here, and if you want to learn even more about me, you can always check out my website

This page exists for two levels of supporters:


You want to support what I do (whether it’s my content or my coworking sessions) by just buying me a cup of digital coffee (or 3 😏) every once in a while. It's your wallet's way of saying a simple "I appreciate you and what you’re doing, you hot, chaotic bitch!"


You are someone who regularly joins my live ADHD Coworking Sessions and would like to support me monthly so that I can actually keep the sessions alive.

Whoever you are, welcome!

I am so grateful to you. No homo.

Love ya,

Allie 💋

Allie K. Campbell

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