Hi coworkers,

If you were on my livestream this morning, you probably noticed how it ... uh ... ABRUPTLY ENDED.

Turns out I pissed someone off and got flagged for "bullying and harassment" - it's lost upon me what I could have done to get that flag, but moving forward I'll certainly be more careful to not be such a mean old bully 😀

Anywho, until I get my livestreaming access restored on TikTok (next week πŸ™„), here's the plan for our coworking sessions:

  • I'll be doing the livestreams from my YouTube channel instead

  • The schedule will be the same, M-F 11:30am EST - 3:00pm EST

  • Lord knows I will be finicking around with this as I get used to it, considering it's 6 months later and I'm still finicking with the TikTok space, 😫 please be patient with me as I learn the ropes!

  • I'll create the livestream events in advance so you can register for them prior (I think that's a thing)

  • The link to tomorrow's livestream can be found here

Please make sure to read the video description to keep in mind anything that's going to be a little different now that we'll temporarily be using YouTube! Aka, no copyrighted music 😠

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, I was super bummed when this happened and I appealed immediately, but that usually doesn't do much good. But what ADHD-ers lack in attention span, short-term memory, and emotional regulation, we make up for in resourcefulness.

Alas, the show will go on and we will get our damn tomatoes! Hope to see everyone tomorrow on YouTube!


The Bannedleader