Hey Coworkers! 

How is 2022 treating everyone so far? I must say, if the rest of the year is anything like these first two weeks, I’m not hating the vibes 😌. I have quite a few announcements to make so bear 🐻 with me as I attempt to fill you guys in without rambling on too much …

  • ADHD Coworking Schedule 🗓

Next week’s schedule is updated and you can view it here. As you’ll see, I won’t be holding a session on Monday like I normally would. This ties into the next topic … 👇

  • New Year, New Job 👩🏼‍💼 

As many of you know, last month I interviewed with a PR firm I was super interested in landing a contract with. I found out this week that I did indeed get the job! 🥳


Fret not, my friends. This gig is remote, so ideally our schedule won’t change much at all - aside from this week when I’ll be doing onboarding and client overviews (Monday). 

However, I do ask y’all to be patient with me as I transition into the new role because at the moment I’m unsure how often I’ll have to be on calls, meetings, etc., in which case our schedule might get a little wonky. Obviously, I’ll keep everyone updated as I’m presented with new information. 


So, I (along with some other incredible coworkers) am working on a rather large project that will make problems like me being unavailable to host coworking sessions a non-issue. It’ll also make the sessions more accessible to people in different time zones. Basically, scaling our ADHD coworking sessions in a major way.

In order to make this happen, I have to be super fancy and have spreadsheets and shit to show to potential investors (yes, that fancy) who (hopefully) will share my (our) vision for the future of this virtual coworking space. That all being said, I’d love it if each of you could take this super quick survey so that I have a better idea of demographics when the time comes to present the info to rich ppl who might want to give us money. 💸

Sorry about the long-ass email :) hope to see you guys on Tuesday! 

P.S. If any of my fellow coworkers are astrology nerds like myself, @queerstrology will be reading my natal chart LIVE tonight on TikTok at 7 pm EST, and I’d be super pumped to see some familiar faces (ahem, usernames) to support me as I get read to filth. Also will be a really cool learning experience if you’re into this sort of thing because they really know their shit (Capricorns, am I right?) 🪐


Allie 💋