Lucky to have you ☘️

Lucky to have you ☘️

Mar 17, 2022

Hey coworkers,

Today's session was, as my Uncle Jeff would say, a "fuckin' disaster" 🤪 ... okay, maybe it wasn't that bad - but I'll be honest in saying that I got next to nothing done. While I did expect there to be some hiccups after having not streamed for a month, I was hoping I could at least get through 2+ hours of a session without it coming to a screeching halt out of nowhere 🙃

Sorry about that, btw! Turns out my boss just butt-dialed me (blink), but by the time I confirmed that information, the session would have been almost over. Now for the sappy stuff - I appreciate y'all being understanding and flexible with me as I try my best to keep these streams going despite not having the same regularity I and the OG coworkers are used to 😭

I also appreciate any newbies who stayed despite my constant squirming and chaotic vibes 🤪 as for tomorrow, I won't be holding a session after all. I've had a crazy (not the good kind) week and I know I'll be stretching myself too thin if I stream tomorrow 💆🏼‍♀️ #SelfCare

The good news is that I do have 3 coworking sessions scheduled for next week, and I've finally updated the calendar, which can be viewed here. This way, I have enough time to rearrange my space so that I can sit still for more than 30 seconds at a time AND have a working sign 😬

I'm definitely rambling at this point so I'll end this email with another thank you for spending your St. Paddy's Day with me and for just, ya know, being your spicy-brained selves 😎


Allie 💋

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