Hi coworkers,

If you're wondering who "the wicked" is, it's me. It's you. It's us.

It's definitely ADHD. This means tomorrow we'll have our regularly scheduled Thursday coworking session on TikTok. Instead of a 10:30 am EST start time, we'll start at 11:00 am EST. Why?

Because tomorrow's my birthday, and one of my gifts to myself is an extra half hour of procrastination before our stream starts 🤪 Yes, I'll be working on my birthday. This is also what I meant by NRFTW.

Heads up, I'm also being bold enough to make my birthday goal a WHOPPING $333.00 for tomorrow's session. Why? Because just THINK how powerful it would be for us to all unite on behalf of reaching a goal infused with the witchy, spiritual energy of 333.

Also, I need spending money for my birthday weekend ... 😁

Here's the link to register/access the session!


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