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Not-So-Weekly Update 12/4/20

Dec 04, 2020

Well hello there! Things have gotten quite busy in my household. New projects keep popping up for me at Simpler Media - yay! - and we're in busy season at The Murder Mystery Company. And to top it off, the poor hubby has COVID. He's feeling much better today, but it's still a bit before he'll be able to head back to work.

So what does being a Murder Pro look like during the pandemic? Well, for me, I wasn't comfortable signing up for in-person shows. I cannot condone people hosting the parties, so it would be crazy for me to be their entertainment.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Zoom Murder Mystery troupe. This is super cool because it makes me part of a national acting troupe performing for people all over the world. Someone had a group of Aussies last week, and I met some lovely (of course) Canadians.

Pre-COVID I was doing maybe two Murder shows a week? At most? Probably about four a month? Now, I'm doing four a week. It's awesome. Exhausting, as they're all solo shows now, but still awesome. The steady extra income could not have come at a better time.

I'll probably back off from applying to in-person jobs for awhile. Even once the boyf is all cleared up. This shit's serious, and I need to do my part. Or if I decide to do in-person shoots, I have to go on lockdown. We'll see what the new year brings. Definitely nothing in person this month. I still have some hope for Christmas with my folks.

As always, I owe my quarantine sanity to several important groups. Big thanks to workouts with Beachbody, The Best Ah-round, the Game Grumps, Ninja Sex Party, Mythical Kitchen, and The Big Fat Quiz.

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