the zine for april 2022 is called « CITY OF MIRAGE », a double-sided poster zine on a light lavender paper. the zine unfolds to 8.5x14 inches and can be viewed in sections or as a full work on either side. this one involved numerous processes -- gathering collage material, taking lots of photos, analog and digital processes.

nearly everything for this zine came from a trip to chicago last month, where i saw the Ray Johnson c/o exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago with @jeremypbushnell and spent much of my time walking, exploring and staring at textures. i used some of the digital photos to stack, layer and collage found textures both by hand and digitally, weaving in some analog work made from papers and ephemera collected on my visit, and then finished off with a little bit of digital processing. there's more digital work than i've ever used for a monthly zine here, but it is firmly rooted in a longstanding practice of 'texture hunting' and my analog processes. it builds off of my work in march -- an attempt to tie a zine to a physical place and an experience.

for the ten-dollar folks, there's a special 8-page quarter-sheet zine that is also a change from the usual -- it's almost completely text-based, covering some of my thoughts and personal history with mail art, as well as general information, tips for navigating USPS restrictions, and some process notes. it feels a little vulnerable to release a zine that's mostly based around writing, which i am fairly shy about. i don't mind talking about process, but i don't tend to write about it much.


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