the zine for february 2022 is « SO I WILL LOOK », a square booklet printed on kraft paper with eight new collages, bound  with vintage yarn. the collages in this booklet are studies each made  from only two pieces each -- a massively minimalist effort from a person who really likes to add a lot of bits and pieces to their work (ha!) this method came from an idea @jeremypbushnell had about a 'fantasy of the two-piece collage', and we've each done  some explorations along those lines over the past month. it is a very  different approach to the collage process, and it was fun to explore it  further in the form of a booklet.

for those who subscribe at the  $10 level, there's also a second zine, « HIATUSES OR ELLIPSES ». this  zine results from another project that just didn't come together quite  right, so i adapted it into another little booklet, and the result is  quite fun. the original collages ended up being made into mail art, too. this  month, there's also a 3-inch vinyl sticker of one of my favorite pieces  from 2021 -- ten-dollar subscribers will get two of those. details:

$5 subscribers receive:
• the monthly zine
• one vinyl collage sticker

$10 subscribers receive:
• the monthly zine
• two vinyl collage stickers
• a second mini-zine

• new subscribers at any level get some additional perks including stickers
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