the zine for march 2022 is called « RESULTS OF REVERSAL », an eight-page quarter-size zine printed on a light grey paper with a texture that's pleasant to the touch, filled with textural collages and found text. over the past few years, i've been very interested in exploring ways in which zines, publications and artist books can explore a sense of space, time and memory. this zine is based around monochrome instant photos i took in downtown boston, mixed with antique & vintage clippings sourced on the same trip. the photos were scanned in, digitally texturized, then printed again at home on paper and used as analog collage material along with a variety of other material using playing cards as the base. photographs, paper ephemera and text are compressed, pieced and blended together to create a repository for place, time and experience.

thanks for your patience on this one -- generally, i like to have the new zine available on the first of the month, but i was out of town on march 1st, launching a new project with my collaborator JPB called NONMACHINABLE! it was a really fun experience to do some work on the zine while i was away -- this particular zine wouldn't have come about without that travel.

for $10 subscribers, there's a secondary booklet showing some of the same texturized/distressed photos used in the monthly zine as a visual supplement. there's also a 3-inch vinyl collage sticker - $5 subscribers receive one sticker, and $10 subscribers receive two stickers along with the bonus zine.


$5 subscribers receive:

• monthly zine

• one vinyl collage sticker

$10 subscribers receive:

• monthly zine

• two vinyl collage stickers

• a secondary zine supplement


• new subscribers at any level get some additional perks including stickers

• visit and sign up via patreon, buymeacoffee or my online shop

• this zine is only available via subscription in march 2022 (no reprints, not sold elsewhere)