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Hey! I'm Stephen from Glasgow. I am constantly working on a bunch of different creative projects, from putting together sample packs, to making experimental music, to producing pin badges, and photo books. This endless quest to stave off nihilism can become all consuming, so if you want to support my artistic endeavours, you can do so by picking something up here, or just slinging me a few bob for a coffee/beer.

If you like what I do and want to see more, if you become a 'member', then you'll get access to an area where over time I'll be posting a bunch of extra bits and pieces that I'm working on, such as extra songs that I've written but done nothing with, samples from my collection of weird and wonderful instruments that you can use in your own music, pictures, and other bits and pieces... I have a hard drive filled with this stuff, so here's a rare chance to peek behind the curtain. Or something.

You can find my videos about synthesizers and other musical bits and pieces here:

My photo blog where I look at old cameras, lenses and other good things is here:

For my music, take a look at and for accompanying words.

Finally, to support the DIY tape cassette label, where I put out music by myself and other independent artists, check out

Thank you!