Authors are selfish! Nah, that's not true, an author makes peanuts equivalent of earnings on any book, the lion's share of the revenue goes to the publisher who invests in the printing, distribution and marketing. These push the price up, without these we wouldn't know if a particular book exists or not.

Foreign publications tend to cost 6-7 times more than Indian editions due to the higher costs involved, thus Indian books are cheaper but very few classic books are published in India and hence the cost remains high.

Here are some classic Christian books available on Amazon at Indian Edition prices!!!

Sermon on the Mount: An annotated collection of must-read sermons for every Christian Paperback – 28 November 2020

by John Wesley  (Author)

Days of Heaven Upon Earth: A Year Book of Scripture Texts And Living Truths Paperback

by Rev. A. B. Simpson (Author)

A Collection of Great Sermons from Basil to Whitefield Paperback

by Grenville Kleiser (Author)

Selected Works of Andrew Murray Paperback

by Andrew Murray  (Author)

Around the Wicket Gate Paperback

by Charles H. Spurgeon (Author)

Let me know if you are looking for any particular book, or if you have any reading suggestions, please feel free to share.