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Hi! My name is Ally Brennan and I'm an author living near Las Vegas, NV. Here's what I'm working on:

- essays on writing, slow living, meditation, etc (

- a weekly Sunday newsletter (

- self-publishing my first book (The Simple Path of Journaling) on October 30, 2022 (

This space on Buy Me A Coffee will be sort of my alternate to social media, since I don't actually have any social media. So you can expect to see selfies of me in the wild and text posts on what I'm working on in my book or learning about the self-publishing world.

I wasn't a manic coffee drinker until I gave myself a publication date for my book, and now I'm at two cups a day. A small tip will keep me fueled so I can finish editing my manuscript and will help cover hosting expenses for e-book downloads on my website.

Thank you so much for the support, whether reading my newsletter or essays, or being able to contribute financially—I'm beyond grateful for you. ♥