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Ally Kerr

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Ally Kerr

Ally Kerr

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Melodious, heartfelt, beautiful, wry, wistful, folk-tinged indie pop are words that have been used to describe Kerr’s music.

I like coffee. Sometimes I really need a coffee.

My new album, Upgrade Me, has just been released and there's loads of work to be done to get it to as many ears as possible, so I'll need a lot of coffee.

If you like what I do, and would like to support me, please consider buying me a coffee.

Coffees will help fuel the growing list of costs that mount up when recording and releasing music independently.

Thank you for your support that allows me to continue to release new music.

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Love the teasers - really looking forward to hearing the album :)

Thanks very much Struan! .

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Can't wait to hear your new album :-) Your music was a great companion in my adolescent years!

Hey, thanks Ross. That's great to hear .