Announcing NaNoWriMo 2022: PsychoSurge

Announcing NaNoWriMo 2022: PsychoSurge

Oct 28, 2022

November strikes again!

And despite multiple failures, I've decided to battle the beast of NaNoWriMo once more!

My project for NaNoWriMo 2022? PsychoSurge!

They call it the psychosurge, a wave of psychic energy that sweeps across the galaxy and sends sentient beings into a murderous psychosis. Unable to distinguish hallucination from reality, friends and family turn on each other. The few survivors remain haunted by delusions and paranoia. The psychosurge now heads toward Earth.

To save lives, the Unified Council of Earth forces the public into a coma-like sleep where they won’t be able to harm themselves or others. Upon waking in an underground bunker from vivid nightmares, sixteen-year-old Ione realizes her mind can no longer be trusted. Apocalyptic visions and debilitating distrust now bombard her consciousness. To protect and care for her little sister in the aftermath of the psychosurge, Ione must learn to discern what’s real from what’s all in her head.

But, on the outer edge of the solar system, a fleet of alien ships descends on Earth. Soon, Ione and the others will realize the psychosurge was just the preamble to an invasion, and their attackers have even more psychic weapons at their disposal.

To keep me accountable, I'll share my chapters as I write them on Buy Me A Coffee. The chapters will be members-only to read.

See you at the starting line on November 1st!

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