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Aloha, welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit this page! I spread the aloha spirit by sharing life lessons on my YouTube channel and as a hula dance fitness instructor.

The channel is my way to honor my late husband's memory, share the life lessons we learned and my grieving process as I learn to live and work on my own.

Do you enjoy watching my free videos?

Did my videos help you?  move you?  open your eyes?

If I brought you joy or inspiration or you learned something from me, I'm so grateful that my God-given blessings helped one more person!

I don't want to put a price on my videos but free videos don't pay the bills, so...

since the value each person gets from a video will vary, I leave it up to you to decide how much a video is worth to you.

I would love to work on a special video for you. 

Email requests to [email protected]

Mahalo / Thank you brothers and sisters!

Tap links below for...

1. YouTube channel

2. To give without fees via PayPal linked to your bank account