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Hey there!

Our names are Lea and Filip and our goal is to explore and share a more sustainable and authentic way of traveling with you. We're sharing our tips and stories from the road on our YouTube channel, blog in Czech and English, and Instagram. If you'd like to support us, we really love a good cup of coffee! 

About Stories along the Road

We started to travel in February 2020 as volunteers. We all know what happened in March. You can imagine it wasn't the easiest time for travelers, but we're still here! With our backpacks and laptops, full time on the road.

We love our planet, nature, and exploring authentic places. That is why we:

⭐️ Try not to fly and use trains or buses instead
⭐️ Looking for places off the beaten track with more locals than tourists
⭐️ Are vegetarians and looking for local veggie options everywhere we go
⭐️ Finding ways to go for trips on our own, without a tour or guide if possible

Thank you for your support!

Love, Lea & Filip 🖤