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I am Captain-RC-9669 "Grixis", Company Commander and Founder of Alpha Core Starsim. I design missions in Arma3 that are based off of the Star Wars Clone Wars era. We roleplay as Republic Commandos that must take on unorthodox missions to help defeat the Separatist army. I also create the artwork. In my spare time I am learning photoshop techniques, learning how to code, learning about scripts and discord bot making to help enhance my Starsim Unit.
Every dollar donated helps pay the bills for the servers used.
Anything extra would go towards enhancing the unit.
If donating to myself specifically and not the unit "must be implied within the text area", then those proceeds would go to helping my finacial cost and upgrades to my pc rig.
You may also show support by subscribing to my youtube channel, watching the videos and leaving them a like.
You may also join our Discord and be apart of our community.
Ask for Unit Friend Tag if you are there to hang out. If you like to become a unit affiliate, we are always looking for people that would like to share their talents.
Thank you for visiting my BuymeaCoffee page, I hope you enjoy the content and have a wonderful day!

Captain-RC-9669 "Grixis"

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