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Affiliate Changes and New Changes

May 09, 2022

Hello Beautiful Creatures! I hope the day is finding you as nicely as it is for me this morning! I promised you guys more of an explanation of what's been going down on my end, and I am stoked to explain and tell you guys all the good stuff!

With my Endometriosis feeling like it's taking over my life, I've personally had to make some serious changes when it comes to my health and my overall self preservation. When I say I've had to do an entire life change, it feels like I have literally thrown my life upside down with changes I wasn't sure I could do so quickly.. but I did. They results so far have been absolutely amazing!

SOooOOoooOO that being said, it would make since for my gaming, and everything I put out to reflect myself and what I have been experiencing. Let's be honest, I also want to share in the amazing goodies and things I personally have been able to try. That way it saves not only you guys on the guess work, but you get to learn about why it's so important, not just to me, but the world around all of us.

I'm also stoked to be upfront and honest, and to get the word out on what I deal with when it comes to my Endo. Something I've really learned over the years, no one knows what Endometriosis is, and people that do have it, have no idea what to do about it.

I want to make those changes in my life, and I will always take the opportunity to teach other people the things that I've learned.. especially when it comes to not being in such severe pain all the time. If I can free even one person from the same pain I have been feeling, that's a super win.

I hope you guys will enjoy all the amazing things that will be coming over the years! I've already begun changes, and of course will be updating you guys on everything that is happening and will be happening.. not to mention the fact I CAN GET OUT INTO THE WORLD.. lol

It's a time for reflection, change, and happiness <3

Stay tuned, and let me know what you guys are thinking! I love you all! Look for me when I go live <3

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