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Nerdy Care Package!

Apr 21, 2021

That's right babes! It's time for the Giveaway!! 😍

It officially starts April 17th @6PM EST and will end May 17, 2021 @6PM EST.

Here's the scoop, if you're wanting to enter for the Nerdy Care Package Giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post to show you want to enter! And boom, ticket with your name on it, in the hat. It's that easy! 😍❤️

The prizes for this Giveaway are.....

  • A comic book (newer)

  • stickers (some sweet stickers and a sticker from yours truly)

  • Controller Keychain (brought to you by Zealous Resin, you can choose between 4 (Xbox, Ps, Nintendo, or Sega Gen)

  • $25 GameStop Gift card (brought to you by GameStop)

  • And a sweet mystery prize!

Don't forget to like and follow my social stuff so you guys can get one more of your tickets put into the hat!

All Rules for the Giveaway are located on the Giveaway Rules Page on my Buymeacoffee under the Raffles & Giveaways posts, if you don't follow the rules you can't win! They're super simple <3

May the odds be ever in your favor! Happy Gaming, and good luckk!!! <3

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