As you guys can see if you follow me on my social accounts -- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube.. you can already see a pattern forming I'm sure. Below is my Social Schedule so you guys can see what, when, and where without having to wonder; as well as if you're wanting to see something special, the days that it may fall under!

Monday -- Selfie Day and Funny Day. I fill with pictures of muh face, and funny memes and anime jokes

Tuesday -- Nerd Day and Video Upload. I show some of my nerdy stuff off and will usually have a video up on YouTube of something I've started playing, a new game, or whatever happens to be on the menu with gaming.

Wednesday -- Manga/Comic/Book and Stream Day. Oh yes, I'll be showing off my nerdy literature as well as streaming for SMITE NIGHT!

Thursday -- Stream Night and Clip from the night before. I will usually do a clip to show a favorite moment, and I stream whatever games Thursday night.

Friday -- Stream and Clip from the night before. Yep this one is about the same! Except I've been filling the streams with Cold War. Subject to change at anytime.

Saturday -- Clip from the night before, This Week Blog, and a beautiful stream montage of all my favorites uploaded to my YouTube.

Sunday -- Inspirational Day. Oh yeah, you guessed it, I'm trying to make you feel all warm inside and help along the path of being evolved in this crazy world. To be honest, it's helping me out helping you out talking about all the things we should, and positivity.

That about wraps it up for the week, of course there is more content added on the daily, as for now here is the schedule as simplified as possible to let you know what's all going on!

Thanks for all the love <3