This Week Anime, we'll be doing the extremely well known anime in the anime world, Naruto.


Naruto started as a Manga Series in Japan, written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto.  The story itself is written in two parts, the first set Naruto is in his preteens, and the second set is written when Naruto is in his teens. Both series are from Kishimoto's one shot manga's he wrote in 1995 (Karakuri), and in 1997 (Naruto). Kishimoto actually received an honorable mention for Karakuri by one of Japan's top entertainment publishing companies and also receiving the Hop Step Award just a year later.


Naruto appeared in the weekly Shonan Jump (Magazine) from 1999-2014, and also released in book form, a whopping 72 volumes. In 2002 the famous story of Naruto was turned into an anime, making it's way to America finally in 2005.

Shippoden (The Sequal) was aired in Japan in 2007 ending in 2017 with 500 episodes. The English adaption airing in 2009, making it's way to Adult Swim in 2014, and is still aired on there today!


The story of Naruto starts with a pre teen want to be Ninja who has dreams of becoming a Hokage (Leader of his village). Unknown to him, he has a story and something inside of him everyone knows about.. That cost him the life of people he has loved. 

With deadly ninja's roaming, ninja school, and all the trouble Naruto causes, it's a great story you can't not enjoy. It's not a story line you can't always guess what's going to happen next, and just when you think you know.. you're taken aback! 


Before I decide to tell you the whole story, check out this awesome anime! You won't be disappointed.

Thanks for reading, until next time! Feed you're inner anime!