Thanks for joining me for This Week Anime! This Week we'll be covering probably one of the funniest anime's I've personally ever seen, The Disastrous Life of Siaki K.. Manga by Shūichi Asō, directed by Yuichi Fukuda, and released on October 21, 2017 by Columbia Pictures.

When I say "probably one of the funniest anime's I've ever seen", I really mean this Anime takes the cake on comedy. From the super unique characters to the situations they find themselves in.. It really makes me wonder why it feels slept on.

Saiki K is the main character of the show, who has some pretty crazy abilities. He not only has just your normal telekinesis, he basically can do almost anything.. and has been pretty much since birth. He was carrying a television as a toddler (and I mean one of the big ones from the 90s), reading minds as a baby, and walking in the air along floating since he would walk.. he did not come out as your typical Kid.

When it comes to comedy, The Disastrous life of Saiki K. succeeds past expectations. I'm not sure which episode is funnier, or which situation you find yourself watching will literally leave you on the floor laughing. Between Saiki deciding to change the DNA of everyone on the planet just so some people would be born with crazy hair colors like he was (super bright pink hair), or what Saiki can hear listening to other peoples thoughts, it's a wild ride of some hilarious content.

Each character has their own special personality, and when I say special, I mean special. Saiki doesn't believe that anyone he hangs out with is actually his friend, and sometimes is confused, however most of the time wants so badly to be left alone. So what happens more than not, everyone seems to be around him almost all of the time! Some of the characters like Kaidou ((a classmate) wants to protect him while also wanting him to join his made up manga fueled guild that fights crime, and more often than not makes up some insane scenarios in his head), and Takeuchi ((another classmate) who is as dumb as a box of rocks most of the time, but has a good heart.. and for some reason Saiki can't hear his thoughts) are some of my favorite character that bother the absolute crap out of Saiki. He secretly loves some of the people who hang around him, he just hasn't come to terms with it.

Take it from me, check this baby out before I give it all away, you will not be disappointed! Animation is on point, comedy is top notch, and story line is fantastic! Until next time!

Enjoy some good Anime!