Answering questions or just making an opinion shouldn't be so hard: yes, no, can I?, easy right? well not always, try to change something that you have to spend more than 30 years doing in a specific way and no because after so many years you know all the steps, there are just implanted in your brain and is like just clicking a shortcut, I need it I use it.

After my diagnosis, one of the hardest things I have ever needed to do is to start re-thinking the way I do things, I need to start thinking about what other people want, I don´t have anymore the keys to my supposed kingdom, let me explain this: before knowing about autism at all, I didn´t care about thinking on what other people want, it was all about what I want or what it isn't boring to me and trust me, normally, people are boring, my therapist told me that is a thing called mind theory that people like myself never really develop, in short, is the ability to put other person shoes, not all about me anymore.

And trust me, it's harder than it sounds because now I´m an adult, I have more knowledge of the world, which isn't full of people that know what he wants or even know how to ask for, people tend to express an idea and hope to get what they maybe want, their brains are wired to follow simple paths, and maybe is not a bad analogy, as brains work using electrical pulses to go where he needs it and electricity always follow the simplest and shortest path, but I don´t feel is my way on thinking ideas or solving problems, where people sees only one option I see millions, millions of desition trees creating new ones with every new desition or option selected, this is the part that tires me because now I have to ask so many questions to try to understand what people wants and because they are used to don´t asking for more questions to clarify what they want, it´s normal they get mad about, they just want to ask something and get an answer, simple as that.

Sometimes I think that nowadays diversity is only about respect for different genders, and skin colors, but they are so many bad qualifications made by people that even the need to add a label is wrong, the other day some random people asked me, about how to call people with disabilities, and my answer was: the main need to call people differently because they do things differently or they need different things, is the beginning of all issues, don´t do that, get used to people that have different needs that you, that's all, don´t try to put a label where doesn't belong.

Thanks for reading.

#Autism #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance

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