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Hi, I am Alvin Sartor.

If you know me, you probably do because of the GoalTree website or as the owner of AnanasProject🍍.

All my software is free, with no-advertisements, accessible, useful and often open-source. If you like what I do or simply want to show some ❤️, you can do it through a donation! 

With a donation you will:

  • Unlock special perks in GoalTree (coming soon!)
  • Contribute to pay hosting costs for my projects
  • Make me very happy! 🤓
  • Remind me that my audience loves my work, which motivates me, resulting in higher quality software

Wanna know what else I published? Here are some examples:

Feel free to send me an email (ananasproject at gmail dot com) for whatever reason and thanks for passing by!