Buy Alin Ion a coffee


Hey 👋 there!

I'm alyn3d, and I make Tippy (a tip and split calculator), music and a cool dark mode browser extension.

My music project is called "Shattering Light". The first album that you can find on Spotify and a lot of streaming platforms is mainly a dark-ambient electronic album. Currently I'm working on the second album which is far more electro - aggrotech oriented.

Tippy is an app made to help you calculate the tip you should give for a certain bill and also help you split the bill between friends. What's different than other apps like this you ask? Well, Tippy gives you information on what you're spending in other currencies (calculated from the bill currency) as well. It can also help you share with your friends by just tapping the "Share" button. Quick and easy. No fuss. Nice and efficient.

DarkMode News is a browser extension I've come up with after getting tired of browsing news websites at night and making my eyes hurt because of the white background. Speaking of... I think I should make dark mode as well, ouch... Currently the browser extension is working in Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

I think that is basically it. I'll add more info as soon as I realize I've forgot something, which I probably did.

So... If you like what I do, I won't mind if you buy me a coffee :)