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Hi! I'm Alysha J. Black and I am an italian Dark Romance author.

I'm here because I have a dream, share my brand new novel The Ghost in Me: Incatenami l'anima (The Ghost in Me: Chain my Soul), which is receiving a lot of positive feedback here in my country, to the rest of the world. But to do this I'll need to translate it in English. I want it to be the same quality I put in the original and to achieve this a professional translation is mandatory. So I need your help 'cause a professional translation is expensive and since here in Italy Dark Romance is still a niche genre it will probably take a long amount of time to reach the sum by just selling the book.

I have the first 3 chapters of my book already translated and HERE you'll find the first chapter available for reading if you want to read it.

My supporters will get the opportunity to read the first 3 chapters that I already have at my disposal!

I'd like to find a way to gift the complete novel once pubblished to the supporters that contribute with 5€.

Having the book translated and ready by the end of the year would be awesome for me and you are the only ones that can help me realizing it.