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Hey 👋 It is so nice to find you here!

My name is Amanda. I'm an undergraduate student and a software developer. I really enjoy organizing dashboards, notes, lists and data while making those pretty and functional, mostly to make up for my real-world messy bedroom haha. With my work and classes turning remote since last year, I ended up discovering Notion — which has brought that virtual organization habit to the next level.

In the case you don't know it yet, Notion is a powerful tool that can help you (and also your team!) to boost productivity and also keep track of tasks, classes, budget and a lot more in a single place. I've been using Notion for a while now to create personal templates, so that I decided to share some of them with you for free! You can access all my templates here (but that is a work in progress and templates will be included little by little).

Hope you like them and find them useful.

Also, you are welcome to buy me a coffee if you like to!